What’s the difference between full-time and part-time 4WD systems?

Full-time systems use a centre differential so the front and rear driveshafts can turn at different speeds, but the part time system locks the driveshafts together. So with a full-time 4WD system you can use 4WD, well, full-time. But with a part-time system, you should switch to 2WD during everyday driving on dry surfaces.

Why can't you use Part-Time 4WD on dry surfaces?

Part-time systems lock the front and rear driveshafts together. But, thanks to our old friend physics, front and rear wheels travel at different speeds when you turn. This is fine on surfaces like sand or snow where the tires can naturally slip to compensate. On dry surfaces, the extra grip can bind the driveline (causing “Crow Hop”), and cause unnecessary wear on parts.

Why does "Crow Hop" occur?

When you turn your Jeep®, each wheel travels different distances at different speeds. If the axles are locked together, the difference in speed can bind the driveline. When one of the tires loses traction, the wheel slips, the tension is released with a bang or shudder, and the car “hops”.

Can I shift into 4WD High-Range at any speed?

You can shift into 4WD High-Range when you’re stationary or driving up to 55mph (88km/h).

How long can I drive in 4WD High-Range?

In a full-time system you don’t need to switch mode. In a part-time system, only drive in 4WD high-range if the road is wet, loose, or slippery – switch to 2WD as soon as the conditions improve.

How fast can I drive in 4WD High Range?

As fast as the road conditions allow.

What is 4WD Low-Range?

This mode is for temporary use on tricky terrain or when you need extra pulling power. The vehicle locks the front and rear driveshafts together and the power is sent through extra gears for more torque. It isn’t suitable for everyday driving. Unless your everyday is pulling boats up slipways.

Can I shift into 4WD Low-Range at any speed?

Only up to 3mph (5km/h). Shift into neutral, or press the clutch. Then while you’re coasting, shift the transfer case lever through neutral and into low-range. Then go back into gear.

How fast can I drive in 4WD Low-Range?

Up to 25mph (40km/h).

Can I shift into 4WD Low-Range when stopped?

It’s possible but difficult because the teeth of the gears might not be aligned. The best method is to coast in neutral at 3mph (5km/h), shift into low-range, then go back into gear.

What if I never use the Selec-Terrain® switch?

That’s why we added an Auto mode. Forget about switches and enjoy the adventure. You can thank us later.

Does the vehicle need to be parked or moving to operate the Quadra-Lift® suspension or Selec-Terrain® system?

Either. You can adjust the height of the Quadra-Lift® system manually or have the Jeep decide for you. If you change the systems while driving, remember that height settings have speed thresholds. You can only enter Park mode below 12mph, and the system kicks in below 6mph. Off-road heights have limits to keep your ride comfortable.