The possibility of driving a new Jeep® car more often is now more achievable than ever with innovative financial solutions from Stellantis in partnership with WesBank.

The pace of product development and innovations in onboard technologies is as advanced as the features motorists have come to expect from their cars. Mobility has become an extension of people’s equally fast-paced lifestyles, premium brand owners demanding more solutions from their vehicles while they are on the move.

Ownership cycles seldom maintain the same pace, owners locked into their vehicles for longer terms, removing the possibility for them to drive the latest model at any given time. Until now.

The Jeep brand – in partnership with WesBank – have crafted innovative finance solutions to allow customers to drive a new vehicle as often as every three years with limited exposure.

Jeep 4 Life peg the value of the vehicle at the end of a 36- or 48-month finance term. A deposit to enter the agreement may be required and will influence the value of the monthly payment for the vehicle while motorists enjoy the use of their brand-new car.

Three months before the end of the term, the customer has three options: simply return the vehicle; retain it by either settling the outstanding amount or re-financing it; or renew it by trading your vehicle in on a new one.

Within an agreed mileage parameter and acceptable wear and tear guidelines, there is no risk for the owner. You can rest assured that the vehicle will be worth the settlement amount of the finance agreement and provide options for you to either continue enjoying your car or be able to get into the latest model.

Of course, the Jeep warranties and maintenance plans mean the use of the vehicle over the finance period is completely risk-free. With comprehensive insurance in place, Jeep customers now have the wherewithal to experience the latest models much more frequently.

Visit your nearest dealer today to test drive the amazing Jeep ranges. They are much more within your reach than you ever imagined.
Jeep GFV



Choose the value of a deposit that you would like to put into the deal, if any;

2. Choose a repayment term of either 36 or 48 months and the mileage parameters;

3. Enter into the finance agreement and take delivery of your new wheels.